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Comedy Works - Josh Blue - August 12, 2020

Check out Josh Blue at Comedy Works Landmark on August 14th and 15th. Comedy Works is live streaming shows! Get a virtual ticket at...

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The Best Type Of Zombie Invasion. Josh Blue

The best type of zombie invasion is the kind that gets you a free dinner, Josh blue has lots of experience with zombie invasions and...

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When You Feel Obligated To Be Disabled....

Sometimes you feel obligated to be disabled, and that can lead to some really awkward dates, but as long as you have Josh Blues sense...

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Josh Blue at Denver Comedy Works - December...

Check out Josh Blue at Comedy Works Downtown this weekend. They added a 5th show on Sunday at 5PM, so get your tickets now!

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The Paralympics Are A Superior Sporting...

The Paralympics Are A Superior Sporting Event, just ask Josh Blue! Watch "The Disabled List" by Josh Blue only at

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When You Arent A Southern Belle, Josh Blue

When you arent a southern belle, its difficult to see things from there point of view, just ask Josh Blue then go watch his full special...

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Josh Blue Comedian

The hosts are joined by Last Comic Standing winner, Josh Blue who will be performing live at Punch Line Sacramento this weekend!

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Josh Blue Stand-Up

Josh Blue performs stand-up about randomly being offered sweatpants and prescribed meds by a homeless man, who he befriended with...

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